The State of Ecommerce in South Africa (Infographic)

The State of Ecommerce in South Africa (Infographic)

Subsequent to a talk we gave recently on the state of Ecommerce in South Africa, it made sense to collate some of the key points of the presentation into a single infographic. Of particular interest to me, was the fact that while retail growth in SA ecommerce is currently around 6%, online retail growth is [...]

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9 Questions to Ask When Considering a Product for Online Sale

You can have the greatest looking ecommerce storefront online, with the best technology and tons of money to pump into multiple marketing campaigns… but if you’ve selected the wrong product to sell, none of this is going to help you make great sales. It all starts with doing the necessary legwork and research to result [...]

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Pastel and Quickbooks is Here

Running your online shop just got easier with our ecommerce software now integrating with two popular accounting systems! Now there really is time to laugh all the way to the bank!

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Alphamaleshop Enhances Ecommerce Performance

The health industry has enjoyed great increase in eCommerce over the past 10 years. Men’s health takes that market focus to the next level, and this has proved a clever move for this powerful shopfront!

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3D Secure is Coming Soon

3D Secure is set to make your online sales more secure as you trade without the worry of loosing out. This simple service enables you to validate transactions you make over the internet by supplying a personal code.

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How to resize an image online

A recurring issue in website authoring is where authors are unable to suitably resize their images for the web. I’ve created a simple tutorial leveraging the online image editor Pixlr Editor so you don’t need to make the considerable outlay for Adobe Photoshop or climb the learning curve of The GIMP. How to resize an [...]

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How to Budget Your Online Store

Once you have established a solid business plan and a step by step guide on the implementation of each variable in front of you – ask yourself one more time if what you have laid out it going to be profitable enough to enter into in the first place.

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Improve Your Product Information

You can have the greatest product at the greatest price – all of which is pointless if you cannot provide your customer with what they want and need to know…

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Call To Action!

An online shop is still a shop! This means that it is more than just a lots of products grouped into various categories… It needs to encourage and explore all the benefits of buying at the click of a button.

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Define Your Unique Selling Point

Why should someone buy from you? What makes your offer just a bit more attractive than your competition? Tip number 2 reveals how you can easily help keep the sales coming through…

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